Sporades Islands Yacht Charter

Just off the coast of mainland Greece, the 11 Sporades Islandsare a traveler’s destination delight! With sparkling turquoise waters, a lush, mountainous terrain, exotic undersea adventures just waiting to be explored, and some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world, this is a vacation spot you will never forget.

Places to Visit

Skiathos is home to the ancientKastro(castle) ruins, 60 white-sand beaches, and dozens of delicious seafood restaurants and bars. Stop and rest in one of the three pretty churches (St. Harálambos, St. Apóstolos, and St. Dimitrios) on your way up the mountain to the ruins, or take a scenic stroll through the beautiful Koukounaries Forest.Swim in the calm waters of Lake Strofilia, or hike the paths around the Kanapitsa Peninsula.

Skopelos is an islandfilled with lushvegetation, rolling hills, and blossoming plum trees. Its romantic towns, scenic walkways, and historic chapels, combined with the ever-present, stunning seascape, make this destination a favorite for luxury yacht charter travelers. Be sure to sample the cheese-pie—a local specialty! Don’t forget to bring your camera when you visit the St. Ioannis Chapel, made famous in the film Mama Mia!

Skyros is the best-kept secret in the Greek islands. Its unique architecture, Byzantine castles, secluded coves, brilliant foliage, delicious local cuisine, and sandy beaches make Skyros the perfect romantic getaway! The seven quaintvillages of Skyros are Town, Linaria, Atsitsa, Magazia, Pefkos, Acherounes, and the verdant, seaside village of Aspous. Take a pony ride through the forest, or go wind-surfing along the dramatic coastline. Celebrate Carnival with the locals, and enjoy being a part of the fun spectacle.

Alonissos, the furthest island from the mainland, is also the least populated in the Sporades. This—along with its lush forests, colorful orchards, green meadows, turquoise sea,mysterious coves,and silky-sand beaches, makes it the perfect place for hiking, photographing beautiful scenery, sun-bathing along the secluded shoreline, and snorkeling in the crystalline waters. This island is also home to one of the largest seal species in the world, the Mediterranean Monk Seal. You can learn more about them by visiting the National Marine Park. While you’re there, take note of the many species of rare flora and fauna. You’ll see sperm whales, playful dolphins, over 300 species of fish, and loggerhead turtles, among other marine wonders. This is a luxury yacht charter destination you will never forget!

Kyra Pangia is home to a 17th century monastery, and you can hike its hills for breathtaking views of the Aegean. There are two beautiful beaches to relax on when you’ve finished your hike.

Peristera has a history dating back to the Byzantine era, according to local archeological research. This evidence is supported by historical shipwrecks just off the island’s coast. See the Audouin’s gull breeding grounds from the beaches of the nearby Skantzouraand the ancientCyclops Caveon the island ofGioura, wherewild goats roam the craggy shores and mountains, and where the discovery of a human skullwas dated to the year 9,000 B.C!

Psathourais the home to one of the tallest and oldest lighthouses in the Aegean. It is also known for its ancient village ruins and exotic variety of colorful plants. Unlike most of its sister islands, Psathoura is almost entirely flat and in danger of being retaken by the sea over time. Bask in the sun and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks on the island’s lovely Mandraki Beach.


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