This chartered yacht adventure starts in the Sea of Cortez, best known as “the world’s aquarium” and the world’s youngest sea.

Here you can greet sea lions from your boat, or – if you’re brave – slip into a wetsuit so you can enjoy these gentle creatures up close and personal. This beautiful sea looks like a glittering caerulein jewel that is bedecked by dozens of small islands predominantly along its western coastline.

Its land rises quickly into mountains and is adorned with a desert that is full of color – muted, soft reds, greens, and golds are created by the natural paintbrush of flora that can be seen at Cortez.

Saunter through the canyons of Baja lazily atop a mule, and you will see an overabundance of wildlife. Coyotes, lizards, brush rabbits, pelicans, and more will greet you as you leisurely move along through the desert. There is plenty of marine life to see aboard your chartered yacht as well! Whales, dolphins, whale sharks, sea lions, squid, eels, and crabs are among some of the many species of marine life that can be found making a home in the Sea of Cortez.

As you move along the Sea of Cortez, you will encounter the exotic destination known as La Paz, which sits at the end of the Cortez peninsula. Here you can eat tangy, first-class seafood while you look over the Cortez Sea and enjoy the sights of whales and sea lions frolicking in the crystal-clear waters.

A friendly port, La Paz is fringed by coconut and date palms along with ancient laurels. Boardwalk shops abound for shopping fun along with sun-dappled, shady trees. La Paz also offers an abundance of fine restaurants, golf courses, historical restored colonial-era buildings, and museums for your delight.

One of the world’s top tourist destinations, Cancun is well known for being a tropical paradise! Cancun features a pumping nightlife, great weather, and awesome activities sure to thrill everyone. Scuba diving and snorkeling are sure to be the adventures of a lifetime when you dive from your chartered yacht into Cancun’s barrier reef. This reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world and teeming with many species of friendly marine life and stunning varieties of coral. Cancun is also world-renowned for its fishing, golf courses, shopping, and dining.

These aren’t the only destinations you will see when you charter a yacht for Mexico through us! There’s also Jan Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas features breathtaking arching stone cliffs, gorgeous sandy white beaches, and high-volume waters. There is a huge array of activities to keep you busy and having fun here, such as parasailing, jet-skiing, kite-surfing, and horseback riding.

The nightlife here is thriving and wild! Clubs will even create conga lines just to decant tequila down your throat! If you travel outside the city’s limits to wind down, you will be greeted by spiritual brooks and caracara birds.

San Jose del Cabo is like Cabo San Lucas’ calmer sister. Here you will find an attractive plaza full of quiet places to shop, a remarkably stunning church, and lots of fine dining. It also has a beach area that features miles of startlingly white sand lined by a riptide loaded ocean. Experienced surfers swear that the point breaks and summer reef here can compete with Hawaii’s finest!

Our Mexico yacht charters are full of thrills and excitement, as well as relaxation and sight-seeing, which ensures everyone that makes the journey will return home with plenty to talk about.

With so many destinations to cover, and with such wide varieties in their appeal, everyone in your family is sure to find the best enjoyment in their recreation. When you book a chartered yacht for Mexico, you are booking an adventure you are sure to never forget!

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