Australia Yacht Charter

When you charter a luxury yacht to the “land down under,” expect the casual elegance and upfront friendliness that characterizes Aussie living as your first-rate captain and crew team guide you and your guests from adventure to adventure.

Though Australia is geographically larger than the U.S, much of the island inhabited by an abundance of exotic wildlife, where kangaroos box, koalas chew on eucalyptus leaves, and the duck-billed platypus burrows into river banks.

Many of Australia’s cities and towns are located along its stunning coastline, so you’ll be perfectly situated for beach and reef exploration onboard your yacht charter.

Yacht Destinations in Australia

There are so many places to set anchor in the Whitsunday Islands you may keep cruising forever! Spend your first night on the boat safely tucked away in the Nara Inlet. Choose from a variety of moorings while you get your bearings on the yacht.

If you are up for an adventure, you can check out the waterfalls at Stonehaven, or spend a day snorkeling and beachcombing on the sandy strip of Langford Island. Just be sure to be back on the boat before high tide, when the strip disappears!.

While your skipper fills the water tanks, you can do some shopping at Hamilton—a great mid-charter anchor, with nightlife, boutiques, and grocery stores all centrally located in the Marina Village.

If you prefer to ride rather than walk around the island, you can rent a golf cart. Or for a birds-eye view of the local reefs and scenery, charter a tour flight.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest barrier reef in the world. Snorkeling there gives new meaning to the term, “colorful,” as a neon array of exotic tropical fish take as much interest in you as you do in them.

Bring along your underwater camera and you’ll have treasured memories of the vibrant CoralSea to share with friends and family on social media. Take the yacht to the secluded Neck Bay where you and your guests can skim the ocean floor for abundant starfish, mollusks, and coral. Or take an exhilarating hike through the bushlands ofLong Island’s national forest and spend a leisurely afternoon kayaking through the mangroves and placid inlets off Cid Island.

When you climb to the top of Whitsunday Peak on Hook Island, you’ll enjoy a stunning eagle-eye view of emerald forests, translucent seas, waterfalls, sugar-sand beaches, and endless blue skies. Take the jet skis for a spin on the island’s west coast then explore Aboriginal rock art.

Go snorkeling in Butterfly Bay and enjoy a beach barbecue at sunset with the crew. Spending a day at the outer reef means swimming with giant sea turtles, barracuda, exotic fish, and sharks.

When you walk in the ebb-tide with your special someone on Whitehaven Beach, the silicone-soft sand stays cool all day. Back on the boat, your chef will have fresh snapper and fine Australian white wine waiting for you.

When should you book your yacht vacation in Australia?

Book your charter between the months of June and September to see pods of whales on their way to their annual birthing waters in the Whitsundays. This is also a wonderful time to see turtles, dolphins, and magnificent sea eagles— or to go fishing.

Avoid booking your charter between January and March, as these are the wettest months of the year in the tropics, and the risk of cyclones is ever-present. From April to August, the weather is cooler and dry. During most of the year, the winds come from the south-to-southeast, but in the summer, they come from the north-to-northeast.

What is your chartered yacht like?

Your yacht charter will be as luxurious, welcoming, and pristine as the shimmering Australian coastline—fully stocked with a variety of water toys and tenders to keep everyone in your party entertained on mid-island anchor-stops.

Your chef will create a custom masterpiece menu just for your group and your stewardess will keep the drinks flowing while you and your friends sip in the sunshine on deck and watch the whales and playful dolphins breach the white caps.

Each moment in Australia is a new adventure, and your captain and crew team will make sure you don’t miss a single one, as they keep your boat steady, on course, and ship-shape throughout the journey.

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