Bora Bora Luxury Yacht Charter

When you visit Bora Bora—the most romantic location in the world—on your luxury yacht charter, you can expect absolute natural beauty and perfect serenity.

This island, with its turquoise, crystalline waters, white-sand beaches, and verdant mountains, has inspired writers, songwriters, and poets for centuries. Its reefs teem with abundant and exotic marine life.

The island’s iconic thatched huts perch on stilts above the tide and provide a quaint and scenic backdrop to holiday photos. Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or just exploring the laid-back local lifestyle of Bora Bora, you will love spending time here on your yacht charter!

Mount Otemanuis Bora Bora’s most easily-recognizable icon and a source of mystery and fascination. Formed by an ancient volcano, its rocky peak rises 2,385 feet above sea level and is frequently rimmed in low-lying clouds and sea mist. While many of the island’s hotel huts were built with a Mount Otemanu view in mind, the best, unobstructed views of the peak are available only by boat, as you circle the blue lagoon to witness the site from every angle.

Mount Pahia is Bora Bora’s second-tallest mountain peak and a wonderful place to take a guided or self-guided hike. You will enjoy photographing its unique geologic formations and lush forests as you wind your way up the trail to a lookout that affords a panoramic view of the sparkling lagoon surrounding the caldera.

Matrira Beach is the most popular tanning spot on the island and offers soft sand and calm, warm lagoon waters for water sports, snorkeling, or swimming.

Explore the sea world of Bora Bora

The Bora Bora Lagoonarium provides undersea tours of the island’s blue lagoon and an opportunity to see and photograph a variety of marine life species up close, in an enclosed, but natural space.

Located on a tiny motu (small island) just off the coast of the main island, the Lagoonarium even allows supervised snorkeling, where you can meet sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and other undersea species face to face!

You can travel the lagoon by canoe, or even enjoy a delicious barbeque picnic onshore with your friends and family!.

The Coral Gardensare just east of the shore of Bora Bora and easily accessible with simple snorkeling gear. One of the most beloved destinations for travelers to the island, this incredible, colorful coral reef is an underwater spectacle and adventure not to be missed!

Bring a waterproof camera to snap photos of the vibrant fish, day-glow coral, and multitude of marine life species that call this reef home.

Vaitape is Bora Bora’s commercial center, on the west end of the island. Here, you will find an abundance of local shops, casual restaurants, and gas stations. The tourist office is in the town, as is Sibani Perle, where you can purchase unique black pearl jewelry as a souvenir to remind you of your Bora Bora adventure!


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