New Zealand Yacht Charter

Experience the mystical landscape and verdant, cove-embraced beaches of New Zealand in the most fluid way possible—onboard your private yacht charter.

You’ll combine luxury and the convenience of being “at home” wherever you are with the flexibility of traveling from port-to-port and beach-to-beach at will, leaving you more time to explore this magical destination!

Explore New Zealand

Learn about Maori culture—it’s everywhere you look! — as you shop, dine, and visit the city sights of Auckland.

Visit one of Waiheke Island’s many vineyards and pick up a bottle of New Zealand’s signature wine to share with your friends and family back on deck.

Stock up on local, organic produce or pastured beef at the farmer’s market, then hand it over to your master chef when you’re back onboard—he’ll know exactly what to do with it!

If golf is your game, you may have just discovered Paradise! New Zealand has the most breathtakingly beautiful courses anywhere! Fish for big game in the extraordinary, cliff-enclosed harbor at Whangaroa, or trek up the Kairara Rocks to witness a one-of-a-kind vista. Don’t forget to bring your camera!.

You’ll want to have your camera on-hand again when you visit the famous Hole in the Rock on Piercy Island—part of the exquisite Bay of Islands.

Pose beneath the ancient arches, then head into the town of Russell for a leisurely café lunch and visit to one of the many galleries on the waterfront. Walk through Ngaiotonga Saddle’s ancient forest, then head back to your boat for an evening swim with the dolphins, followed by an on-deck nightcap beneath the stars.

Visit the waterfront hub of Tutukakaon your way to Poor Knights Marine Reserve

One of the top diving sites in the world. Use your underwater camera to capture the magic of exploring the mammoth sea cave, Riko Riko, where you can swim with over 100 fish species and marvel at the colorful, neon wonder of coral, kelp, and anemone.

Explore the Bush Trails and awe-inspiring waterfalls of the Great Barrier Island or the protected nature reserves, sugary-sand beaches, and fragrant forests of The Mercury Islands.

See the abandoned gold mines and towering cliffs of the volcanic coast that is the Coromandel Peninsula. Everywhere you go, your New Zealand yacht charter vacation will be like living inside a fairy tale.

What is your chartered yacht like?

Your first-tier crew team will take care of every need while you and your guests indulge in your New Zealand adventure.

Your beautifully-appointed cabin is as luxurious as it is comfortable, with plush bedding, sensuously soft carpeting, an integrated stereo system, and designer lighting that can be adjusted to suit any mood.

Dine on deck or in the salon—your delicious meal will be custom-crafted with expertise using exotic, local ingredients and freshly-caught fish.

Your dedicated hostess will keep the cocktails—and smiles—flowing throughout your vacation. Your crew team will keep the charge of the water toys, so you can spend the afternoon surfing the waves, frolicking in the crystalline waters off the aft deck, or paddle boarding on the bay.

Relax into a deck chair each afternoon with a good book while your yacht carries you and your guests to the next amazing adventure—the clubs, fine dining, and city shops of Auckland, or the Hobbit-scape of Wilderness Island.

No matter where you travel, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your seasoned captain will keep your journey on course and you and your guests safe and satisfied.


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