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Tahiti Yacht Charter

There are few places on Earth that rival the ethereal beauty and mysterious enchantment of the South Pacific island of Tahiti.

This French Polynesian land is famous for its welcoming locals, stunning barrier reefs, and tropical rainforests where towering waterfalls empty into sapphire swimming lagoons ringed with exotic flowers of brilliant rainbow hues. When you and your yacht charter guests experience the white-sand beaches, volcanic peaks, and emerald forests of Tahiti, your lives will be forever changed, and you’ll know what it means to be bewitched by nature!.

Exploring the Islands

As one of the Society Islands, which includes the Winward and Leeward Islands, Tahiti is the most iconic destination of the five nearby island groups. From swimming with sharks and sea rays or climbing the ancient volcanic peaks of Bora Bora, to shopping and dining in the Polynesian Village of Huahine, diving the coral reefs of Taha’a, visiting a pearl farm in Raiatea, or snorkeling in the crystalline waters of Avea, your Tahitian adventure will be as diverse as the landscape.

Shop the farmer’s market, then have lunch and mingle with the island set at a seafront bar in the quaint village ofFare. Fish for giant tuna in the Faaroa Bay. Climb the splendorous Taha’a Mountain peaks, then head to the eastern end of the island for fine dining at the Vahine IslandResort. Take a whale-watching tour in Moorea or hike the flora-abundant trails to photograph the multi-hued wildlife and brilliant panoramic vistas. Swim with friendly porpoises or paddle-board through floral-surrounded inlets to experience being a part of the most vivid seascape in the south seas.

Your Yacht Charter

Dine on the finest Polynesian cuisines expertly prepared by your private master chef with the freshest local ingredients throughout your journey. Your attentive hostess will pamper you at every opportunity, serving drinks and delicious meals as you and your guests relax and take in the spectacular skies, awe-inspiring volcanic peaks, and azure seas.Your experienced captain will expertly navigate your yacht from magical island to island, and the adept crew will keep track of the water toys and make sure the yacht is always “ship-shape,” soyour only responsibility is to have fun!

Share a nightcap on deckwith your guests under the dome of stars then sleep like a baby after your Tahitian adventures when you return to your luxuriously appointed cabin and plush bed each night.As the boat rocks you gently to sleep, your dreams will be filled with the opal skies and fragrant breezes of hibiscus.


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