Family Boat Holiday Turkey

Family Boat Holiday Turkey

Well-known for its picturesque sandy bays with clear blue seas, deeply forested peaks, and beautiful islets, Turkey is one of the best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.  With a private yacht charter, you’ll have easy access to laid-back anchorages, lesser-traveled waters, and sleepy bays with postcard-perfect beaches.  Our yacht travel itinerary takes you all the way from Bodrum to Göcek and is one of the best ways to discover the beauty of southwestern Turkish Riviera.

Day 1

Your yacht charter adventure starts in Bodrum, a popular holiday destination blessed with a handful of ancient attractions. From the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, and the lovely Bardakci Cove to the Old Town with narrow pedestrian alleyways, and whitewashed cottages, there is plenty to discover before we set sail from the Bodrum Harbour.

Day 2

In the morning, we are heading for Knidos and Datca. Once an important port city, Knidos is well-known for its idyllic bays, steep hillsides, and groves of fruit trees. You can swim in the bay or pay a visit to a well-preserved archeological site. Later in the day, explore the lovely harbor town of Datca and admire its wind turbines, and traditional windmills. Here, a string of waterside restaurants that offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea can be found.

Day 3

On day 3 of your private yacht charter in Turkey, the wonderful bay of Yesilova awaits you.  Places like Bencik, Orhaniye, Selimiye and Bozburun are the most popular destinations in the bay, and attract hundreds of vacationers every day. Explore the lake-like waters of Selimiye, and take photos of the lovely waterfront promenade. There is a nice village where you can find a couple of cute cages and small restaurants offering both local and International cuisine.

Day 4

Ideal for watersports like windsurfing and snorkeling, Bozukkale is a well-protected bay situated south of the Bozburun peninsula. On a clear day, the magical Greek island of Rhodes can be seen from here. To make the most out of your stay , visit the ancient citadel, and the scattered ruins around it, enjoy the calm waters of the sheltered bay, and have dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants in the evening.

Day 5:

The next destination on your  yacht charter holiday is the magnificent Dalyan area. The ancient city of Kaunos boasts a nice sandy beach that offers ideal conditions for swimming and other water activities. This place is also the nesting ground of the famous Caretta -Caretta sea turtles. A pine-covered bay and one of the coastline’s best-kept secrets, Ekincik is famous for its natural beauty, and lack of urban development, making it a romantic and peaceful destination on the Turkish Riviera. The bay is also home to a well-preserved amphitheater, an ancient church, and a Roman bath.

Day 6:

No yacht charter visit to the Turkish coastline is complete without spending a day on the beautiful Gemiler Island where our guests can discover both underwater, and on land ancient ruins, including remains of several churches and tombs. However, the main draw here is the spectacular Blue Lagoon, which is probably one of the most famous beaches in the country. Well-known for its soft sands and turquoise waters, the lagoon is in an ideal place to go snorkeling and discover the rich underwater marine life.

Day 7

Spend the last day of your yacht charter adventure in Göcek, a popular yachting harbor and a large gulf blessed with dozens of coves and bays worth exploring. From the charming Domuz and Tersane Islands to the Sarsala Bay and Bedri Rahmi Bay, there is plenty to discover here in Göcek. The area is also perfect for snorkeling and swimming. In the afternoon, you can stroll around the Marina and unwind at one of the bars and restaurants at the waterfront.


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