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Fully Crewed Yacht Charters

Your fully crewed yacht charter is a floating luxury hotel where you and your guests are pampered endlessly, and your only responsibility is to have fun! Depending on the size of the yacht you charter, your team may include between two-to-six crew members or more, including a Captain, Engineer, a master chef, deckhand(s), and one or two stewardesses/hostesses to ensure smooth sailing and take care of your every need. Members of your crew team may also double if you need a licensed scubadiving instructor, a tour guide, a yoga instructor, or masseuse as part of your charter package. They will be part of your crew team, as well. When you opt for a fully crewed charter, you will be placing yourselves into only the most qualified and capable hands, so you and your guests can focus on what matters most—enjoyment!


Your Captain or Skipper is responsible for ensuring the safety and pleasure of everyone onboard your yacht charter. He charts and navigates your daily route and keeps abreast of the changing weather, ocean traffic, and wind and sea conditions. As the senior officer, he oversees the activities of all members of your crew, as well as keeping an eye on every aspect of passenger safety and satisfaction. He does more than simply drive the boat—his decisions and steady hand drive the entire charter yacht experience.


The wind beneath the wings in every yacht charter crew is the engineer, and he has many responsibilities. From keeping the motor yacht’s engine humming, to ensuring you and your guests stay cool with a functioning A/C system, this highly-trained tradesman is the worker bee that keeps your vacation honey flowing. Every mechanical and electrical component on the yacht is carefully maintained by the engineer, and he is also the person to turn to when you need help with your satellite television service or WIFI connection. Should your tender need fine-tuning, or water toy needsa touch up, you will appreciate your very capable and indispensable engineer.


Your master chef or private cook will oversee the food shopping and lovingly prepare each of your custom-catered meals during your luxury charter. Professionally trained to delight the palate with his culinary creations, your highly skilled chef will ensure that every delicious cuisine on your menu is cooked and served to absolute perfection!


Your hostess or stewardess will see to the comfort and enjoyment of you and your guests while you are onboard your vacation charter. She will tidy your room, provide fresh linens and bedding. She will mix and serve your cocktails, bring your snacks and meals to the table, and indulge you in luxury at every opportunity! Should you charter a larger yacht, you may have two or more stewardesses, with a Chief Stewardess overseeing the hostess staff that offer “white glove service”.

Deck Hand

How many hands you will need on deck depends largely upon the size and type of yacht you charter. In general, a well-crewed charter vessel will have between 2 to3 dechands to help with sails and navigation, keep watch over the waters and boat, assist the captain, keep the yacht’s decks and hull clean and “ship shape”. They will help with luggage, water toys, and tenders. Some deckhands may do double duty as licensed scubainstructors, depending on your preplanned vacation specifications.
Chartering a fully crewed yacht means more than just peaceofmind—it’s the pampered luxury of sheer relaxation and unfettered pleasure on the high seas!


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