Sardinia Yacht Charter Itinerary

Sardinia Yacht Charter Itinerary

Sardinia is the gem of the Mediterranean and a perfect spot for a yacht charter!

Imagine, post-card perfect white beaches, attractions, sheltered bays, and exquisite Italian cuisine!

From the islands of Madalena to the chic ports of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, Sardinia has a lot to offer while you are on a boat and on a yacht charter!

Let’s discover the land of Sardinia and swim in turquoise, blue waters!


Day 1. From Olbia to Tavolara Island

Our journey starts in Olbia, a cute port town well-known for its historic center and palm-lined waterfront. Take a walk through the magnificent Piazza Mercato to find fresh seafood, pay a visit to Museo Archeologico and learn more about the history of Olbia, or enjoy a drink at Piazza Margherita which is the low-key hub of the city.

The first stop on your North East Sardinia yacht charter adventure is the lovely island of Tavolara. Famous for being the smallest kingdom in the world, Tavolara is an island with almost no urban development.

Instead of glamorous 5-star resorts, expect to find a small port and a few restaurants including the iconic Ristorante da Tonino Re di Tavolara. The southern part of the island also known as Tedde Liscia is a true paradise for scuba divers and offers unforgettable underwater sights.

Day 2. Porto Rotondo

The next destination on your yacht charter itinerary is Porto Rotondo, one of the most luxurious vacation spots in Italy and a premium yachting center.

Located in the heart of the chic Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo is also well-known for its 5-star dining establishments, trendy nightclubs,  luxury boutiques, and contemporary art galleries.

Snorkelers and divers can visit the lush waters of the Tavolara Marine Protected Area, while nature lovers can enjoy excellent hiking just outside the city.

Our guests who wish to spend some quality time on the beach can head out to Ira, the Sassi beach, Marinella and Punta Volpe. Piazza San Marco is also one of the must-visit spots in Porto Rotondo. For best views of the surrounding area, climb 35 steps to reach the lovely church of San Lorenzo.

Day 3. Porto Cervo

p>Home to the famous Costa Smeralda yacht club which is the playground for the rich and famous, Porto Cervo is the next stop on our Sardinia yacht charter itinerary.

This elegant town is all about glamour, luxury, spectacular beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Lined with 5-star resorts, upscale restaurants, and designer boutiques, the harbor is the center of the action. Surrounded by granite rocks, Piccolo Pevero beach is a small bay that offers ideal conditions for swimming thanks to the shallow sea bottom.

Cala Granu is also an impressive beach, and it is sheltered from the wind. Head out to the Piazzetta of Porto Cervo, a cute square which is surrounded by dozens of nice shops and boutiques. In case you wish to experience Porto Cervo’s vibrant nightlife, we recommend going to Sottovento, Pepero Club, and Phi Beach.

Day 4. Maddalena’s archipelago

On day 4 of our North East Sardinia yacht charter adventure, we are taking you to the magnificent Maddalena’s archipelago.

From protected bays and picturesque coves to rocky granite terrain and ancient ruins, there is plenty to discover in Maddalena’s archipelago.

La Maddalena is the largest city on the island and offers numerous shops and restaurants, as well as fabulous beaches like Cala Francese which is ideal for relaxation and sunbathing. For panoramic views of the glittering Strait of Bonifacio, climb to the top of Guardia Vecchia.

If you wish to be in the center of the action and interact with the locals, the Piazza Umberto I is the place you want to go. We can also visit the fabulous La Maddalena Archipelago National Park where the sea and land meet.  This government protected geological, and marine area consists of islands which can be found in Gallura’s northeastern coast.

Day 5. Bonifacio’s Strait

In the morning, we set the sails towards Bonifacio’s Strait, a charming waterway between the large islands of Corsica to the north and Sardinia to the south. Bonifacio’s Strait actually draws a line between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Sea of Sardinia.

Thanks to dozens of islets which spread over the marine reserves, Bonifacio’s Strait is an ideal destination for scuba diving. Once you get tired of water activities, we can visit the lovely town of Bonifacio which is situated on the southern coast of Corsica.

Well-known for its medieval citadel and limestone cliffs, Bonifacio is also a great place to stop for dinner and try a unique mixture of French and Corsican cuisine.

Day 6. Cavallo Island

On day 6 of our North East Sardinia charter yacht itinerary, we will be visiting the Cavallo Island. One of the most exclusive islands in the Mediterranean and home to a spectacular coral reef, Cavallo Island is a great place to go scuba diving and discover the marine flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

You won’t find many tourist resorts here, only a few buildings and the four-star Hôtel & Spa des Pêcheur which offers amazing spa treatments.

Day 7. Caprera Island

Located along the Maddalena archipelago, Caprera is a small and beautiful island where natural beauty is not spoiled by mass tourism. Because of the variety of rare species, this 10-square-mile island has been declared a nature reserve.

You will also notice the magnificent pink granite rocks which add up to the beauty of the island’s shores. Pay a visit to the House of Garibaldi, once a residence of this famous Italian General and now a museum and a memorial chapel.  There is also the Natural Geo-mineral Museum where you will find samples of rocks, fossils, and minerals, as well as the Museum of the Sea, a place that displays various documents and objects related to ancient local culture.

As for the beaches, we recommend visiting the Relitto and Due Mari. The small cove of Cala Coticcio also known as little Tahiti is worth visiting. Our guests who are into scuba diving will be happy to hear that underwater landslides of Fiordino, Cala Inglesi, and Shark Point are extremely good dive sites and are rich in marine fauna. Expect to see many shrimp, snappers, and groupers while diving here.

Day 8. Olbia

We end our yacht charter back in Olbia. To make the most out of your stay, visit the Basilica of St Simplicio, see the prehistoric monuments of Arzachena just outside the city’s gates, or take a tour of Tenute Olbios estate to sample local wines.


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